Hi, I'm Hannah! Thanks for stopping by! I've been blogging since 2003, started a public blog in 2010, and re-launched it as Flamingos in Raincoats in November of 2011. Why Flamingos in Raincoats? Read this.

My day job is working as a communications and social media manager and when I'm not at work,  I love cooking + baking, catching up on my favorite tv shows, and spending time with my husband Brandon and our pup Schmidt. I've lived in North Carolina for my whole life and I can't imagine loving any other place in the whole wide world as much as I love the old north state... except maybe Disney World.

I will choose ice cream for dessert 365 days a year, but don't try to make me eat an olive. I'm a complete workaholic and a total neat freak. My biggest pet peeve is when people confuse you're with your. When I was in middle school, I cracked the windshield of my mom's mini van with my big toe, but that's a story for another day...