Saturday, June 14, 2014

Things Missed

In fairly obvious news... I took an unexpected break from Flamingos in Raincoats for the last two months. I'm finally back because a) I missed blogging and b) my mom won't stop asking me when she's going to see a post about something besides fried ravioli.

Lots of things have happened in the past two months. During a busy season of my life, it was nice to have a bit of a blogging break. I didn't worry about taking photos of my food, squeezing in a post before bed, or even reading my favorite blogs each day. A break was needed. Over the past week, I've been working on updating the design here and mapping out some ideas for new posts to get things rolling again. If you're still with me after all of this time, thank you so much for reading! Here's what you missed:

+ Countless special springtime events at work. I love my job so much!

+ My best friend's wedding shower over Easter weekend was lovely. It totally paid off for our many months of hard work planning it...

+ Her med school graduation was a special time, too, as was our last dinner together before she moved 2,723 miles away to Oakland, CA. Waaah, I miss her too much!

+ Brandon and I celebrated two years of marriage on May 9th with a long weekend in Wilmington, NC - one of our very favorite places!

+ Our home was robbed again, eight months to the day that it happened the first time. (Read how I handled the first one here.) This robbery occurred on a Friday afternoon, while we were at work. Stolen items included our television, three laptops, Amazon packages from our front porch, and three bottles of alcohol from our bar. Five days later...

+ We moved into an apartment. I am proud of how quickly we figured out a plan and got everything taken care of. We're in a new town now (the one where I work!) and I'm slowly adjusting to apartment life again. There have been challenges, but I'm ultimately happy to be in a nice, safe environment, leaving behind a lot of negativity. I'll be even happier after a trip to IKEA today to buy some lamps, a desk for Brandon, and other fun things!

+ I celebrated my birthday with good friends and co-workers. Brandon and I went to the movies and to dinner, where I had the most delicious scallops. I'm still thinking about them four days later!

Again, thanks for sticking around! I'm happy to be back to my blog and am excited about sharing all kinds of fun posts with you in the coming weeks and months. Talk to you again soon!


  1. enjoyed your new blog. welcome back to w-s ! love, mom

  2. I am so happy I got an update on your life!:) Yay for anniversaries and good jobs and new apartments with good memories:)

    1. Yes! So thankful for so many changes lately. :)