Thursday, March 6, 2014

March Essentials

I'm so sad that I forgot to do my February Essentials post. There goes my perfect 2014 record! I'm picking back up with my essentials for March. This time around, I included some items that I desperately want but don't already have. I'm also already dreaming of spring, despite the fact that as I write this it's pouring freezing rain outside. Will winter ever end?


1 // I have developed a serious obsession with Bruegger's Bagels. Once a week I treat myself to breakfast on the way to work and an asiago parmesan bagel with bacon scallion cream cheese is my favorite. 

2 // This sweater from Lauren Conrad is on my wish list. I'm waiting for it to go on sale just a little more! I tried it on in the store last weekend and it's the perfect lightweight spring sweater. Ahh, I have to have it.

3 // Essie's come here! is the perfect spring color. I feel silly wearing it when it's still freezing outside, so I'll wait another week or two on this one.

4 // Can someone just go ahead and buy me a pair of perfect pink Hunter boots already? Thanks.

5 // Season 2 of Bates Motel started this week! Brandon and I loved how twisted and strange the first season was and I can tell we're already in for another wild ride. Check it out!

What are your March essentials?


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