Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Valentine for your Man

I cannot take credit for this idea, because I totally found it on Pinterest. Ah, Pinterest. The source of all inspiration. Here's the quick & dirty on an easy Valentine's Day gift for your man:

1. Buy a heart-shaped box of chocolates.
2. Eat them. Yum!
3. Go to your local liquor store and request 10-12 mini bottles of whiskey.
4. Fill the chocolate box with whiskey bottles.
5. Feel very proud of yourself when your husband/boyfriend/etc. opens it to discover something better than chocolate!

Brandon's reaction to the gift was exactly what I was expecting. I told him I ran out of time to get him a Valentine's Day gift and picked up some chocolates from the grocery store. He was stunned when he opened the box!

I think this is a great gift because it offers so many different varieties (and of course doesn't have to be limited to whiskey). Brandon has already found a new whiskey that he likes because of the gift! Ultimately, this gift was a great success. Plus, it scored me major wife points. ;)


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