Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Essentials

January is going to be a fun month for me. I'm starting a new job tomorrow, there are two family birthdays to celebrate, and maybe, just maybe, we'll finally see some snow here in Greensboro. For the start of a new year, I created a new essentials board on Polyvore. Here's what I've gotta have this month!


1 // A new year calls for a new planner! This year, I have two: one for my blog and one for the rest of my life. So far I haven't written anything in either one. Oh dear, I'm behind already.

2 // I love the idea of keeping fresh flowers in my new office! We'll see how long I keep it up. :)

3 // I mentioned in my goals post that I want to read at least 5 books this year. I started this book by Mindy Kaling last May, picked it up again in September, and still haven't finished it. I vow to finish it before the end of the month.

4 // Lorde's Pure Heroine is going to keep me company on my commute to work. I'm so impressed that she's only 17 years old!

5 // Winter calls for scarves and mittens and hats to keep me warm. Infinity scarves are my favorite.

What are your essentials this month?


  1. loved this post! seriously need all of these.
    stop by sometime(:

    x Shirley