Thursday, January 30, 2014

52 Lists Project: Current & Future Goals & Dreams

This is week four of the 52 Lists project and I'm looking at my goals & dreams. My list was on the short side again this week, especially compared to Moorea's original one! Oh well. To tell the truth, I wasn't feeling super inspired this week. Hopefully that will change before my next list! I figure as long as I'm writing, I'm doing alright. :)

This list includes everything from planning valentines for my friends to becoming a homeowner. My aspirations are far and wide!

  • Find an affordable house to rent (wood floors + dining room!!!)
  • Be TRULY TRULY happy
  • Write my thesis for grad school
  • Become a better blogger (whatever that is?)
  • Train my dog not to be a pain
  • Do something nice for my friends for Valentine's Day
  • Buy nicer clothes for work

  • Become a homeowner
  • Visit Europe for my 30th birthday
  • See Mumford & Sons in concert
  • Have a really cool business card
  • Make $$$ blogging
  • Learn to use my DSLR camera a bit better
  • Take a road trip of the United States

If you want to participate in this project, it's not too late! There are still 11 months between now and 2015. Check it out here.


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