Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Your Own Sunshine


...especially today. Because it's pouring down rain outside. ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Obligatory Valentine's Day Post

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! I am going to celebrate today by working for 8 hours, then grabbing dinner (Perhaps at Chilis? We're not very fancy this year.) and watching a movie with my valentines Brandon and Schmidt.

I saw a few weeks ago that there was going to be an awesome Valentine's Day link up with The Life of the Not So Ordinary Wife and I knew I wanted to participate. You've never heard from my husband on this blog and I think it's about time you do. I asked him to answer a set of questions about me that I answered as well. Here's what we had to say:

How long have you been married?
H: 9 months
B: 9 months

Where was your first date?
H: Ikea
B: I really don't know what our first real date was, we hung out a lot before I asked her out.

Where was your first kiss?
H: The parking lot of Blaise Baptist
B: The parking lot of my church

Who first said, "I love you?"
H: I know for a fact that I thought it first, but I waited for him to say it first.
B: I did. In my sleep. I don't remember it, but she said it was awkward.

What were your wedding colors?
H: Grey and yellow
B: Grey and yellow

What is her most commonly used phrase?
H: I have no idea. I'm so stunned he said 'balls' and now I have to publish it.
B: Balls

Who is her celebrity crush?
H: Darren Criss
B: Darren Criss

If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?
H: I'd get a margarita and Brandon would get a shot of Jameson on the rocks.
B: Margarita for her, whatever beer they had on special for me.

What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?
H: I think it was the first time I made guacamole. He realized then that I was an amazing cook. ;)
B: This is really difficult; all of her food is good. The first meal she ever made me was veggie tacos, those were really good. Or the Guinness pot roast.

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?
H: I made a really terrible turkey schnitzel that Brandon said he liked, but I hope he was lying.
B: I don't remember, and she won't help me.

What is the most played song on her iPod?
H: "Dig" Incubus
B: "Konstantine" Something Corporate

What would she say is your most annoying habit?
H: Leaving dishes out.
B: Leaving dishes in the sink. Or farting, she doesn't like that one either.

What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?
H: Check my email/social media sites on my phone and set my alarm.
B: Fall asleep on the couch.

If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?
H: I got rid of some old flannel shirts the other day.
B: That would be a really bad idea.

What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
H: This is weird for me to answer. My favorite thing about me is that I'm very motivated at work.
B: That she exists

What's her go-to at Starbucks?
Steamed apple chai
B: Steamed apple chai latte

What's her blog name?
Flamingos in Raincoats
B: Flamingos in Raincoats

It's time to get this Valentine's Day started! Hope everyone has a lovely day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Real Conversations // Topiaries

H: Those topiaries are so cute! They look like little mushrooms!
B: What?
H: The topiaries! They're so small!
B: What?
B: Aren't topiaries the little baggies with candles in them? I don't see any.
H: THOSE ARE LUMINARIES! *hahahahahahahahaha*
B: How was I supposed to know? I don't use fancy words like topiary.
H: This is going on Facebook as soon as we get home.

I actually forgot to put it on Facebook as soon as we got home so you get to read it on the blog instead! ;)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hair Care

Quick question for my fellow flat ironers!

I have thick hair that is wavy if dried naturally. I use a flat iron/hair straightener a few times a week when I don't want to wear my hair curly. It's time to step up my game and get a GOOD one that will keep my hair straight for an entire day. (My Conair just isn't cutting it!)

What do you suggest I buy? I don't mind spending $$$ on one if I know it's going to be reliable and last for a long time. I had a bad experience with a Chi a few years ago that only lasted for 10 months, but I think maybe I just had a dud. Thoughts? What should I buy? What do you use?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Just as I suspected, working in Miami for 6 days was exhausting and it kept me away from Flamingos in Raincoats for far too long! I've been back since Sunday and have only opened my personal computer ONCE. Yikes! There's simply too much going on. :)

In Miami, I covered Facebook and Twitter channels for a major world conference, slept like a rock, was a door monitor extraordinaire, ate good food, enjoyed temperatures in the 70's, and ate lots of guacamole. Seriously, a lot of guacamole.

Most of the time it looked like this outside:

However, most of the time I was inside. If you're curious about what kind of event I was covering, watch this recap video. It's pretty incredible!

When the event ended we were able to get a quick team shot with our social media director, Jason. Miami was his last event and he's moved on to a new job now. I'm going to miss him!

When I came back to Greensboro, my desk had been sticky-noted. 421 sticky notes, to be exact! I should have known it would happen! We're pretty big fans of office pranks around here:

Now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with work and school and Brandon and Schmidt and blogging. Slowly but surely I'm getting there! Also, if you want to win a Valentine's gift from me, visit Olive & Ivy blog to enter to win... starting soon!

What's everybody been up to for the last week? :)