Monday, December 16, 2013

Southern Weddings Gingerbread Barn Competition

Week before last, I traveled to Chapel Hill to participate in the third annual Southern Weddings Gingerbread Barn Competition. It was a free event and sounded like something fun to do on a weeknight, so I readily agreed when my friend and co-worker Melissa invited me. I had heard the name Southern Weddings before, but wasn't familiar with just how incredible the publication (and the team of ladies running it) is! I had the best time building a gingerbread house barn with my friends.

The event was held at the Carolina Inn and it was absolutely gorgeous. I seriously debated taking a photo of the restroom because it was the prettiest one I've ever been in. I really hope that Brandon and I can spend a night here sometime this year.

The room reserved for gingerbread barn making was full of tables, stocked with supplies for each group to use. We had graham crackers, icing, and tons of candies and animal crackers to use to build and decorate our barns.

Before we started building, we discussed a strategy for what we thought would surely be the best barn of all. Here are it's humble beginnings:

Please note the pretzel rod holding up the side of the barn.

I came up with the idea that it should have a path for the animals leaving the barn to walk on, and then we decided to coat the area around the path with crumbled graham cracker.

By the time we added animals and trees, our little barn was really coming together!

When the judges came around I described our barn as "rustic," because it was brown (who knew that almost everyone else would put colored icing on their barn?) and about to fall over. Hah.

The "SW" stands for Southern Weddings.

Check out some of the competition:

The story for this last one is that it was struck by a tornado/hurricane. I love how the animals are standing on top of the barn for safety. So clever! We didn't grab photos of the first, second, and third place winners, but if you search the hashtag #swbarns on Instagram you can see many of the other barns and I found the winner here.

At the end of the night we didn't take home any accolades, but we had a great time together. I am looking forward to building a gingerbread barn again next year. We're going to have to start scheming in July!


  1. These pictures makes our gingerbread barn look so good! <3