Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Better Things Ahead

I'm climbing out of my dark hole of rarely updating my blog to share some incredible news! Last week I accepted an offer for a new job doing what I love at a place that I love. I'll be leaving my current position behind in less than a month and starting over fresh on January 6th.


This is a big deal.

I pondered how I could write a post sharing this news that would really convey my feelings about my old job, my new job, and the long process I've been through to make this change. And I really don't think I could ever explain it fully. I won't go in to details about my job, the company I (currently) work for, or my reasons for leaving out of respect for the amazing friends and co-workers that I will leave behind. But I will say that ultimately I came to a place where I couldn't draw a line between work and the rest of my life and that is a terrible place to be. I didn't like the attitude I was starting to develop and I didn't like how my stress was transferring to everyone else in my life. As for the big picture, I think that this brief article sums up my reasons for leaving quite nicely. I'm looking forward to a fresh start and I have great faith that I'm going to be really happy in the new year.

This is me, yesterday, after I signed my offer letter. It reminds me a lot of the photo I took on the day I signed my first offer letter. I can't believe how much I've learned since then. I thought I was excited that day... but nothing compares to the feeling I have now!

Thank you so much for the friends and family who were rooting for me during my search and who are supporting me now. I desperately needed a change and I'm looking forward to wrapping up my responsibilities over the next several weeks before settling in to a new routine! I'll be sure to share more when I arrive at my new job!


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