Monday, November 4, 2013

Schmidt's First Birthday

I've been absent for a month and guess what? I didn't really miss blogging that much. I read a great post from Jenni at Story of my Life today called When a Blog Starts to Suck and I feel that's the direction my blog was heading before I left it alone for a month. Truth be told, I'm only back today because it is my sweet puppy's birthday and I want to document how awesome he is and how much I love him. So let's talk about Schmidt, shall we?

Schmidt is my little buddy and my best furry friend. I was nervous when we brought him home in January, but adding him to our family is one of the best decisions we've made. Getting Schmidt is without a doubt the best thing that has happened so far in 2013. Pet owners told me before that it's nice to have a happy face to come home to every day, but I didn't realize just how much I would appreciate it. Oh, how I love coming home and giving Schmidt a hug at the end of a long day!

I went all out for Schmidt's first birthday today. We made pupcakes (recipe to come!), which were very well received. We wore party hats. We ate filet mignon. We played with new toys. We took lots of photos. Schmidt was very excited for a while...


...And then was completely over it...

I went a little bit overboard on gifts, but I regret nothing. At least one of the items pictured has already been destroyed. Le sigh. His favorite "toys" nowadays are deer antlers. They are, of course, the most expensive toys at the pet store. After the great success of Schmidt's Halloween costume, I decided to buy him a pair of pajamas as part of his birthday gift. They are my favorite purchase by far and I don't think he completely hates wearing them!

Schmidt was absolutely terrified of his birthday candle and repeatedly scooted as far away from it as he could before crawling out of the chair and around to hide behind my legs. When I finally blew the candle out, he was still afraid of the pupcake itself. Poor dude. I tortured him before I allowed him to gobble it up.

It's funny, because Schmidt shouldn't be afraid of anything. During my blogging hiatus we had quite a scare when Schmidt jumped out the window of Brandon's car while he was traveling 65 mph down the road in morning traffic. What should have killed him only left him with some small cuts and a bruise or two. Wonder dog, I'm telling you!

Schmidt liked his new pajamas so much that he yawned as soon as I put them on. Now we are both sleepy and heading off to bed soon. I'd say it was quite a successful birthday! I'm already scheming ways to celebrate his first Christmas with us. I love you, pup!


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