Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yup, I'm Lame

The idea for this blog post comes from Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup, who I am currently sponsoring. Yesterday she posted about being lame and I completely identified with everything she said! I am definitely lame by today's standards. Luckily, my husband, family and friends don't seem to mind.


Here's why I'm the lamest of them all:

1. I find crowds highly annoying. I don't like being around a lot of people. Brandon and I drove to the farmers market last weekend without realizing there was a big wine festival going on. When we saw all the cars and people we turned around and drove home.

2. I don't want to have children. Though I love my sweet six year old stepdaughter, I don't want to have any kids of my own. Not only do most people find this lame, they find it down right weird. To each her own, ok?

3. I'd rather be at home. All the time. Every day. I like my house and have worked hard to make it a home, therefore I like spending time in it. I'm not interested in going out to a bar or a club when I am perfectly capable of making my own drinks with our bar at home.

4. I love Disney World. Though it contradicts everything else on the list so far, I love Disney World and would rather go there than just about any other place on the planet. Definitely lame.

5. I only want one margarita. I asked my friend Courtney why I am lame and this was her answer: "the fact that you will only drink ONE margarita instead of 2...or 3...? That doesn't really make you lame though. it just makes you judge everyone else." It's true, though. I have no desire to get tipsy or drunk. Ever.

6. I only use one Instagram filter. This drives my friends crazy, but it's true. I will only use 1 Instagram filter (Nashville) for all of my photos. It was the first one I ever used and I liked it. Why change a good thing? ;)

I am sure there are many other reasons why I'm lame, but that's all I have time for now! It's time to get ready for the day and go to work (I usually go in an hour early every day... just because. Lame.)! Comment and tell me what makes YOU lame!


  1. LOL ok so I only use one instagram filter as well, I am on the fence about having kids, I loathe crowds like to the point where I have once left a grocery store because it was too crowded. I love being at home in my PJs like all the time...bras be damned!

  2. Not lame, awesome and YOU! While I DO want kids, I can relate to the other list items and even if I couldn't I would love you all the same!

    1. I could have written an entire post on how "lame" we were in college!! ;)

    2. I could have written an entire post on how "lame" we were in college!! ;)

    3. I could have written an entire post on how "lame" we were in college!! ;)