Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chalk Disaster

After seeing numerous gorgeous photos of chalked hair all over the Internet, I finally decided to experiment on myself over the long weekend. Judging by the name of the post, you can imagine how it went...

It was gorgeous for about 10 minutes. I used pink, blue, green, yellow and purple chalk and followed directions from The Beauty Department. My plan was to sweep it up in a bun (pictured above), then style my hair the next day to show off the colors! Because I did this late on a Sunday night, Schmidt was the only one lucky enough to see it. Brandon didn't notice a difference when he got home and the next morning when I took a shower, all of the color washed away. It was supposed to last few a through shampoos! It left my hair feeling terrible, even after a wash.

Has anyone else tried to chalk their hair before? Were you successful or was it a disaster? I need some tips if I'm ever going to try it again!


  1. I honestly didn't even know this was a thing! How interesting. Sad it didn't work for you, though. :/

  2. first of all, don't be surprised that brandon didn't notice. secondly, if the chalk thing doesn't work, drink several neon mojitas and you won't care! i love you, bannah! mom:)