Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Purple and Gold

I've had purple and gold on my mind lately... the 'colors' of my high school. This Saturday is move-in day for boarding students and I will be volunteering as an alumnae. It's been 11 years since I was moving in as a freshman. Wow!

Because I'm in the middle of a massive trip down memory lane, I decided to share with you a few reasons I loved my private high school education. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but my experience was life-changing. And I mean that.

(I just realized I still have those purple pajama pants. Possibly time to retire those!)

I learned something.
Sure, everyone learns something in high school. But it's different with a private education. At my school, instructors weren't having to teach to meet the objectives of a standardized test. They had freedom to really allow us to learn. My 9th grade English professor taught me writing skills that would later be included in some of my college courses.

I completed internships.
Internships were a required part of my high school experience. I had no idea how important they would become in college to help prepare me for the working world. I was really glad to have had the experience in high school.

I met my best friends.
Yes, you can meet best friends at any high school or anywhere at all for that matter. But something about my school was different. I made friends there who I know I'll be friends with until the day I die, no question. We're a community and to this day I'd help a fellow alumnae regardless of whether or not we were close in high school... regardless of if we were even students there at the same time.

I wasn't afraid.
A lot of my public school friends talked about high school being scary: bullies, cliques, terrible classes, etc. I was lucky enough not to have that experience. The most afraid I ever was in high school was the day I auditioned for a solo in glee club (Yes, glee clubs do exist in high schools! And they're really called glee clubs!). I was not very impressive and I was not surprised that I wasn't given the solo. But did a single person in that choir room say anything negative to me? Nope. Did a single person in that choir room say something positive to me? Yup. Several.

A lot of people look back on their high school years and shudder, happily skipping over them to reflect on college. But I'd miss out if I skipped over high school. Choosing a private education is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I can't wait to greet new students this weekend and tell them how excited I am for them!


  1. hey, hannah! it's mom. every time i read about how beneficial and enjoyable your time at salem academy was i smile all over. you were offered the opportunity and you made the very best of it! it might be interesting for others to know that hannah's dad and i truly did allow hannah to choose between alleghany high or the academy. she choose well. we're so proud of her!!!! GO PURPLES!

    1. Thanks, Mom! One of the best decisions I ever made. :)

  2. I think about this often too. I really became such a different person in high school and am not sure where I would be if I hadn't had such a transformation. Needless to say I would be without you and Jennifer if I hadn't gone to Salem and that alone is reason! :) GO GOLDS! ;)

  3. Salem was a whirlwind! I am so thankful for the scholarship money that made my time there possible. At some points, it was more difficult than law school. I would not change a minute and think about it frequently. Love you both, M and C!