Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Perfect Cheese Board

Is there such a thing? Brandon and I constantly order cheese boards as appetizers when we're out to eat. My in-laws gave me a cheese board for Christmas and I finally got around to assembling my own last weekend, I gathered inspiration from all over the web about what to include in a 'perfect' cheese board. As I soon found, everyone's definition of perfect is different! For this reason, I'm going to let you in on a secret: it doesn't matter.

It literally doesn't matter what you put on your cheese board as long as you avoid deli slices of American cheese. I think that would be really unimpressive. ;) I am pleased that my first cheese board attempt turned out well. Here's what I included:

Vermont Cheddar
Cabra al Vino
Creamy Brie
1,000 day Gouda

Green apple slices
Walnuts + almonds
Spicy brown mustard
Fig jam
Red grapes

We also had water crackers and bread slices, but there wasn't room on my cheese board to fit them in! Overall, it was a relatively light group. The 1,000 day Gouda was my favorite by far and was also the strongest. I was unimpressed with the Cabra al Vino/Manchego/Iberico trio. They came in a sampler package together from Trader Joe's but all tasted like swiss to us.

On my next go-round I'll be including something from the blue cheese family and will maybe hunt down Brandon's favorite dragon cheese. You could easily sub green apple slices for pear slices and fig jam for honey or another type of jam. So many opportunities to create new combinations!

Have you assembled a cheese board before? What should I include on my next one?


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