Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two Days in Charleston

Before setting sail on our one year anniversary cruise in May, Brandon and I spent two nights in Charleston, SC. I had visited the city on two previous occasions and knew we were in for a special time. Charleston, as always, did not disappoint.


We arrived in Charleston at lunchtime on a Saturday and went straight to Hyman's to eat lunch. Hyman's is my favorite restaurant in Charleston! I've been told by natives that it's a tourist trip and that it's ridiculous to eat there, but honestly I think they're crazy. Hyman's has great prices and delicious food. I quote my husband directly when I say "that was the best piece of fish I've eaten in my entire life." That's not a light statement to make! Anyway, if you're visiting Charleston, Hyman's is on my must-do list. We followed up lunch with a stroll through the market and along the waterfront before checking in to our hotel.

The Great Gatsby had been released in theaters on Friday and I was dead set on seeing it as soon as possible, so on our first evening we found a local theater playing it. Seeing the film at Cinebarre was a great experience. We were served dinner and drinks while we watched! After the movie we stopped by Kaminsky's to get some late night desserts. The place was packed, with a line out the door! We walked back to the hotel, exhausted (at least I was... Brandon, not so much) and ready to get some sleep before day #2.

Sunday morning was spent exploring. I woke up really early and set out alone before Brandon woke up and joined me. It was weird seeing Meeting Street and King Street completely empty with no cars and only a few pedestrians! I think if I lived in Charleston I'd start taking lots of early morning walks.

I don't actually have a photo of the aforementioned mojito, but I can tell you that it came from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and is delicious. I am currently working on replicating it at home and will share the recipe here soon. On Sunday afternoon we took a carriage tour through the historic district (thanks, Groupon!) followed by an afternoon nap. We both felt guilty for napping when we could be out exploring, but ultimately came to the decision that it was vacation and we could do what we wanted. ;) Our Sunday ended by having a great dinner at Poogan's Porch before driving across the Ravenel bridge to walk on the beach.

If you've recently visited Charleston or live there, tell me what should go on my agenda for our next visit! I already want to go back! 


  1. I absolutely love sister in law lives there!