Saturday, June 29, 2013

Real Conversations // Ice Cream

I love ice cream. Understatement of the century. I have written an entire post on my love for ice cream before. And it's not just ice cream- I also love gelato/frozen yogurt/frozen custard/sherbet/etc...When my co-worker suggested having an afternoon ice cream party at work on Friday I didn't have to think twice before saying YES!

I also love real conversations. The people in my life say some pretty funny and ridiculous things. Who knew that planning for an ice cream party would be so difficult...

When I asked Melissa what her favorite flavor was, she responded with pistachio. Um, is that anyone's favorite flavor? Courtney and I were horrified:

C + H: "WHAT???!!!"
M: "Umm, it's good!"
C + H: "NO."
M: "Okay, well maybe cookie dough..."
M: "But I don't really like ice cream, I like frozen yogurt."

Okay, so cookie dough flavored froyo. One down.

H: "Courtney, what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?"
C: "Anything with a vanilla base."
H: "What?"
C: "Anything as long as it doesn't have a chocolate base."
C: "Like rocky road maybe."
H: "Um, okay."
C: "Or maybe something fruity because it will be in the afternoon."

Okay, so nothing with a "chocolate base" and it should probably be fruity.

H: "Andrew, what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?"
A: "The kind in my tummy."

Completely unhelpful. Followed by.....

A: "Actually, anything with chocolate."

Okay, so the direct opposite of what Courtney wants.

H: "Darrell, what kind of ice cream do you like?"
D: "I'll eat anything. Not choosey."
H: "You guys are the worst. Everyone gave me the worst answer ever. I feel like I should come back with black licorice flavor just to spite you all!"
D: "Ok, I don't do the black licorice."

In the end, I'm sorry to report that we DIDN'T EVEN END UP HAVING AN ICE CREAM PARTY. Day ruined. (Not really.)


  1. Ha, I love ice cream as much as you do!


  2. I LOVE ice cream. And pistachio just doesn't sound good! LOL

    1. To be fair, I've never even tried pistachio. But I agree... it just doesn't sound good! ;)