Saturday, March 16, 2013

What Do I Even Title a Fashion Post?

Several months ago I was contacted by eShakti to review one of their products. I don't typically (read: ever) talk about clothes + fashion on my blog, but there's a first for everything right? eShakti sent me a skirt to review and here's the true story of my experiences:

When I checked out eShakti for the first time I saw tons and tons of gorgeous clothes. Seriously, they have a huge selection! They offer sizes 0-36w and have a great service for custom sizing as well. Because I had never ordered from them before, I decided to request a custom size. I selected a red and white skirt that looked like fun:

eShakti recommends having your measurements taken by someone else and let me stress the point: please do that. I attempted to do my measurements myself and ended up telling them my waist is 5 inches larger than it is. As a consequence, my skirt was much too large and fell off of me as I stood in my living room. It looked somewhat similar to a circus tent.

I emailed eShakti to inform them that I was an idiot who can't measure herself. I received a prompt response letting me know that they didn't have any more of my skirts in stock (but they do now!!) but that they'd be happy to send me a replacement item to review.

I loved the skirt so much that I was determined to make it work for me. A local alternations place helped me to make it fit and also shortened it a bit. If I'd had foresight, eShakti also offers special customizations such as lengthening/shortening, removal of pockets, and addition of sleeves for tops + dresses.

I wore my new skirt on a trip to Childress Vineyards last weekend and no sooner had we sat down to lunch in the bistro did the waitress comment on how cute my skirt was. It also got the stamp of approval from my husband, which is always good. :)

Because eShakti is awesome, they sent me a second piece that matched my official measurements... I'll be sharing that one with you soon! Ultimately my first experience with eShakti was a positive one. If you want to see for yourself, place an order through the 20th of this month and save 20% with promo code FLMNGSNRNC.

What kinds of clothes are you stocking up on for spring and summer?


  1. I love that skirt! It's adorable on you!


  2. thats so great that they did that. i'm having problems with my review dress but haven't gotten any reply at all and i've been trying for a few weeks. slightly frustrating.

    1. you may have already tried this, but send an email to they responded very quickly at that address! :)

    2. yeah i did, finally after two weeks and multiple emails i got a reply!

    3. man i'm sorry you had so much trouble! let me know when you finally get everything sorted out. i'm interested to see which dress you chose!