Saturday, January 5, 2013

When You're Alone on a Friday Night

Brandon had to work last night, so it was only fitting that I have a crazy night out on the town. I took off my wedding rings and drove to the nearest bar as fast as I could.

NOT. If you believed that for even a fraction of a second you do not know me at all. Here's what really happened while I was hanging out with me, myself, and I. Straight from work I began my evening at the pet store:

5:30 pm, I WANT IT!

5:45 pm, I WANT IT!

6:00 pm, Sale at LOFT

6:30 pm, Qdoba noms

6:44 pm, I made a discovery! Brandon is in trouble!

7:00 pm, Phoebe is getting maaaarried

7:20 pm, Delivery to Brandon's car at work. I am the sweetest, basically.

7:25 pm, Guess what's across the street from Brandon's work

7:40 pm, My donuts MUST come with an ice water

7:45 pm, Nothing like work on a Friday night

8:30 pm, Maybe I should take down the Christmas tree... nah

8:31 pm, Bloggin'

9:15 pm, Words with Friends

Big night, huh? Brandon works again tonight, but my mom is coming to keep me company. We're seeing Les Miserables and then going out to dinner! How do you spend your evenings alone?


  1. Pretty much the same. I hang out with our dogs, take bubble baths and eat things that are bad for me, lol

    1. ooh a bubble bath is a great idea. i'm adding that to my list for next time! :)

  2. this sounds like an awesome night to me! I love this!