Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 Christmas Card

It's that weird time of night... it's technically Christmas Day (12:09 am as I write this sentence), but I haven't gone to sleep yet, so it still feels like Christmas Eve. Brandon told me I'd better go to sleep or else Santa won't come. Of course he's still in our living room, planted on the couch, playing with the Nook he unwrapped tonight from his parents...

Anyway, I realized yesterday that I never shared our 2012 Christmas card with the blogging world and that simply won't do, since it was quite a process. I knew I wanted to design my own card, so I did!

I love this card. I love the colors and the font and the photo from our wedding day. Since I designed it myself and was having it printed at Walmart, I did a test run first and only ordered one print. When I went to pick it up, it was blurry (especially the Merry Christmas banner). Bummed, I paid for the print and returned home to do some editing. I tried some little tricks I've learned about designing (trust me- I have to know lots of tricks because I don't have Adobe Creative Suite!) and ordered another print.

The next day, I drove to Walmart on my lunch break, where I waited 20 minutes to be helped in the photo department. I should mention that this was back before Thanksgiving- not a super busy time. Much to my surprise and the photo lab technician's blank expressionless stare, the text on this photo was also fuzzy. Bah humbug! Again, I paid for the print and left the store.

As I was super busy with school and work at the time and very overwhelmed without a lot of free time, I completely caved and turned to Shutterfly for help. I had a coupon code to use, so I chose a design I liked and made our card there. And I like this version, too!

Less than 2 days after I placed our order from Shutterfly I discovered Tinyprints. *sigh* I didn't think it could get better than Shutterfly, but I was wrong. Next year I'll design another card myself, get frustrated at Walmart, then log on to Tinyprints and create a cool card with the help of professional designers & printers. I can't wait!


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