Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend in Wilmington, NC

Last weekend Brandon and I visited Wilmington. We have never traveled to the coast together and I love Wilmington and wanted to share it with him! I booked our hotel almost 2 months in advance, so we had no way to predict that hurricane Sandy would make our trip quite rainy and windy. Luckily, Wilmington was safe from the storm, save for a little wind + rain.

Due to some changes in Brandon's work schedule, we actually started our weekend on Thursday night. We drove to Raleigh for the sole purpose of having dinner at The Pit. It's the fanciest bbq joint you'll ever go to. I nommed on bacon bruschetta, which I vow to replicate asap.

When we arrived in Wilmington on Friday afternoon, our front desk receptionist at the Courtyard Marriott told us not to blow away. Good forewarning.

We set out to explore downtown Wilmington before the rain came in. It's my favorite area of town- along the waterfront. We walked along the river, checked out some stores, and went to the lonely building where One Tree Hill was once filmed.

My favorite find while exploring downtown was a vase (pictured above) from an antique store within the City Market. I said "hey, this looks familiar!" I flipped it over to look at the bottom and sure enough- it's from Ikea. I have the exact same vase and used it at our wedding, in fact. It costs a whopping 79 cents. I feel bad for the poor soul who buys this one!

This blue building is my favorite in downtown. I've always wanted to eat on one of the little individual balconies. Maybe next time! We ate, instead, at The Little Dipper.

We've only ever had fondue at The Melting Pot, so I wasn't quite sure how this place would stack up. It was excellent! We thoroughly enjoyed each course, especially the havarti dill fondue!

The bad weather rolled in on Friday night, while we stayed warm and cozy in our hotel room watching New Years Eve. On Saturday we had to re-adjust our plans a bit, as the battleship was closed due to high winds. Instead, we set out for Wrightsville Beach and then the NC Aquarium.

Day #1 Hannah and day #2 Hannah.

You can't tell in the photos from the beach (save for a few water spots on the lens), but it was pouring rain. We had lunch at The Oceanic and I somehow convinced Brandon to walk down the sketchiest public beach access ever to get some photos of us by the sea. He wasn't a fan.

The aquarium was decorated for Halloween- and it was so much fun!

Brandon had a plan to surprise me with dinner at what I now know is a little French bistro on the water. They called mid-afternoon to tell him that they were closing due to unsafe conditions. Le sigh. Instead, we dined on tapas at Circa 1922. To avoid the rain yet again, we returned to the hotel and rented Ted.

On Sunday it was still very windy and overcast, but the rain stayed away! We grabbed brunch at The George before a final stop at the USS North Carolina.

Again we discovered more ill-placed Halloween decor.

My favorite part of the battleship was the "wishing well," where you could through coins (or cash!) down 35 ft. to try and hit the tin pan at the bottom. They clear it out every now and then and all of the money collected goes into future ship restoration!

After the battleship, we began our journey home. It was a wonderful weekend in Wilmington and I feel sure that we'll be back again! I could write more, but I already applaud you for scrolling this much! I think I'll stop for now. :)


  1. new follower here :D looks like you guys had a blast...I love your coat/rain-coat by the way...ADORABLE :):)

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    1. thanks! it's from target! following you, too!

  2. Great photos. That place looks like it was better than melting pot.

    1. it was so good! they seemed to have a larger menu than the melting pot, but it was all about the same price.