Monday, November 12, 2012


Well hi, blog world! Nice to see you again. It's been a few days! It's creeping towards that miserably busy (but fun!?) time of the year again and I feel like I have a lot on my plate over the upcoming weeks. At this point, it's full steam ahead through the end of the year. With a huge work event in January, it's really full steam ahead until February. With a thesis to write and my final grad classes to finish, it's really full steam ahead until May 9th, my graduation day.

6 months to go until things calm down in my life... I hope I can make it 'til then! Anyway, moving on:

Thank you so much to everyone who weighed in on a name for my flamingo. And an extra special thank you because nobody called me crazy for buying a stuffed flamingo! The response was clear: Sheldon is his name! I guess he's destined to be quite persnickety, but brilliant, with a special affinity for comic books and trains. I should maybe consider giving him his own spot on our couch.

I forgot about didn't have time for Thankful Thursday last week, so expect two of those this week + more!

Lastly, I'm working on something special for the blog during the month of December. Would anybody like to guest post and share a Christmas cookie recipe? If so, send me an email. :)


  1. So funny that you're naming it Sheldon. My husband and I are obsessed with that show :)

    I have a new spin off blog, The Mushy Mommy, that I'd love for you to come and follow!

  2. YES! So glad that's the name! I love him haha.