Monday, October 15, 2012

NC Zoo

Brandon and I decided to have an adventure every weekend this month. Last weekend it was the fair. This weekend it was the zoo. For some reason I returned home to discover that I didn't take many photos of animals. Instead, I took photos of plants. So that's what you're going to see the most of:

Brandon and I both wore the ugliest and most comfortable shoes we own (Merrells). Visiting the NC Zoo requires a lot of walking.

Poor baby giraffe didn't know which way to go!

I am sure the parents with the tiny kiddos were confused about why a grown man was trying to get a photo inside of the "egg."

This is a reflection on the water where the alligators were!

Next weekend we're planning a trip to the Renaissance Festival and the weekend after that we're going to Wilmington! Can't wait to share these upcoming adventures with you!


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    1. hey anni! so glad you stopped by! is that your kitty in the photo on your about me page? so cute!!