Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hannah Writes a Grocery List

This is probably not a surprise to anyone reading, but I am the chef in our house. Brandon rarely cooks. It's not because he's incapable of turning on the oven (quite the contrary... he's cooking me a surprise dinner tonight!), but because I really enjoy cooking he tends to let me do my thing.

Because I am the chef, I am also the grocery shopper. I plan our meals and create shopping lists that I'm pretty good at sticking to. I like to shop alone. I like to take my list, get what's on it, and get out. When Brandon comes with me to the grocery store, he likes to spend time browsing the aisles... something that I cannot stand. So it's rare that we shop together. It's even more rare when he offers to pick up some things from the store and I say "sure!"


He told me to leave him a list and he'd grab what I needed while he was there today, shopping for my "surprise" dinner. Now, because we can all use a good laugh... I present to you my complete, super specific grocery list that my poor husband had to take to the store.

1. 1 lb ground chicken
2. yellow or sweet onion, regular size
3. honey (did we ever buy more honey? check to see if we're out... i can't remember)
4. 8 oz can water chestnuts (sliced or chopped, doesn't matter)
5. 1 small pkg shiitake mushrooms
6. regular peanuts (i only need 1/4 c so maybe you could get one of those little snack sleeves of nuts they have at the checkout)
7. head of lettuce
8. frozen chicken (i'm about done with frozen chicken... the bags you bought AND the last bag i bought have been really crappy, wouldn't you agree? only get frozen if you're getting it from lowes b/c that seems to be the best place)
9. 1 box rotini pasta
10. head of broccoli
11. light sour cream
12. 1.5 c swiss cheese (you can buy a big block or bag... whichever is cheaper)
13. milk (only if you're gonna drink it... you know i won't and i don't need any to cook with)
14. special k breakfast bars (i've started eating them too if you noticed. but i only like strawberry or raspberry)
15. bagged lettuce (if you want to eat salads this week)
16. lean cuisines (ONLY if they're on sale)
17. anything else you want/think we need that is healthyish!

Of course if I were shopping myself all of the ridiculous notes would not be necessary. But I thank Brandon for being a good sport about it. Can't wait to get home and see what he's cooking for dinner! :)


  1. Just found you through Yours Truly, and have signed on as a new GFC follower! Love your blog name and the design is beautiful!

    And that first picture ... well, I totally laughed out loud!

    1. thanks, michelle! so glad you're here! i found that photo by searching "silly grocery list!" ;)