Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Morning, 7:30 am

You know how people say that it's physically impossible to go to Target and buy just one thing? I am an excellent example of this idea. Brandon asked me to stop and pick up some Excedrin on my way home from class on Wednesday night...

Could have gone to the grocery store.
Could have gone to the drug store.

Nope, I went to Target instead. I walked away with Excedrin and the cutest new raincoat! I figure if my blog is going to have "raincoat" in the title, I should probably own one myself. :)

I kind of want it to rain this weekend so that I have the chance to wear it, which shouldn't be a problem. We've made plans to go to the fair that haven't happened twice now and we're planning on going Sunday, the last day it's in town. But isn't there a chance of rain on Sunday, Hannah? YES! 60%! Looks like I'll get to wear my new raincoat at the fair.

I suppose I should probably stop blogging and get ready for work now. Hope you all have wonderful weekends!

Oh, and my last thought: You should go see Taken 2. It's awesome.


  1. Target gets me EVERYTIME!!!!! Have a great weekend my dear!


    1. i know! i'm having to stop myself from buying this entire collection: