Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Morning, 7:30 am

I usually have the mornings to myself while I get ready for work. Today, Brandon is up working on an exam for his business class. It's weird! Here are my thoughts at 7:30 on a Friday:

Hello and welcome if you're new to following my blog! I've noticed a trend lately that I've had almost as many new visitors as returning visitors and that makes me smile. I decided to read up on how you're finding my blog and discovered the search terms that are driving traffic from Google. Some A lot of them make me laugh:

  • About 10 different variations of the song "Below My Feet" by Mumford & Sons
  • A couple gives out a pile of raincoats to kids on the street
  • A bunch of different ways to say DIY cake topper
  • Cheese corn with butter
  • Fluffy Westie puppies
  • Groom lingerie
  • June Cleaver costume
  • Pomeranian stick out tongue Instagram
  • Silly raincoats

I have NO IDEA how a search for "groom lingerie" directed someone to my blog. I don't know what that is and Brandon and I certainly don't own any. In fact, I Googled it myself and my blog did not come up in the search results. :) A lot of really interesting things did, though.

Those are my thoughts for this morning! If you're reading this and haven't started following me via GFC, go ahead and do so! My husband is going to take me to Build-a-Bear to make a flamingo as soon as I reach 100. I'd love to have my lil flamingo before we go on a mini vacation in a couple of weeks.

Hope you all have lovely weekends! 


  1. I just bumped you up to 90 followers. Hope you get the flamingo soon!

  2. Come on people 10 more!! Can't wait to see a pic of the flamingo when you get it! I hope you can find a tiny raincoat for it! :)