Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cory vs. Chris

It's no secret that Brandon and I are big fans of Glee. The story line is ridiculous at times and the drama gets old, but we love the musical numbers so much. Plus, Darren Criss is my boyfriend! Don't worry, Brandon knows.

I was really excited to see the last episode of Glee that aired on 10/4 because I knew they were going to cover one of my favorite songs ever: Coldplay's The Scientist. (I posted about this song recently, on a rainy day.) After the show aired, Brandon told me that Cory Monteith has a better voice than Chris Martin.

WHAT! I love Glee, but my loyalty to Coldplay is stronger. Brandon says I am wrong. so I turn to you, readers... who is better: Cory Monteith or Chris Martin? Before you answer, here's some evidence from the song that sparked our discussion:

Leave a comment with your vote: Cory or Chris?

(PS, every time you see a link on one of their names in this post it's directing you to more songs from each respective artist... so you can educate yourself!)


  1. Your contest proves nothing. Cory FTW!

    1. you are the only one to comment so far, so really it's working to your advantage!

  2. sorry brandon but i gotta go with chris. but cory is more attractive if that helps ;)