Thursday, October 25, 2012

Carolina Renaissance Festival

As promised, here are pictures from our recent trip to the Carolina Renaissance Festival. We had a great time and I got sunburned! Oops!

Our first stop was to get hats. Well, I guess mine isn't really a hat. What do you call that? Next year we're going to go all-out and rent costumes.

The joust was interesting, but not my favorite part of the day.

We decided that $2 wasn't too much to pay to shoot some arrows. I am not as good at archery now as I was in high school!

This lovely lady is my college roommate, Dianna!

Which of these mugs does not belong?

Om nom nom on a turkey leg.

We're leaving tomorrow for Wilmington, NC... stay tuned next week for photos from the NC coast!


  1. Replies
    1. HAHA when i first saw there was a comment from "SDessenFan" i thought WHAT ARE THE ODDS! and then it was just you. ;)

  2. You two are just adorable. Loving that giant turkey leg too! xoxo

    1. hehe... thanks! i was not a fan of the turkey leg but brandon sure was! i had beef stew in a bread bowl. :)

  3. The Russell Family has gone there for 7 years in a bad St Louis does not have one here. Glad you had a good time....I know we always did..

  4. I'm sad we didn't get to this year, its so much fun!