Friday, October 26, 2012

A Few Lil' Things

I'm writing this from a little hotel in Raleigh, NC. We decided to start our weekend trip early because Brandon didn't have to work last night (yay!). We left Greensboro when I finished work at 5 and came to Raleigh for 2 reasons:

1. The Pit is one of my favorite restaurants. It's the classiest bbq joint I've ever been in, in fact. I first heard of The Pit at an Anthony Bourdain event in 2010. Apparently he likes their food, too. If it's good enough for Tony it's definitely good enough for me! My favorite nom from last night was their bacon bruschetta. You'll see a photo of it in a later post. Maybe I'll even attempt to re-create the recipe!

2. Build-a-Bear is a necessary stop on our way to Wilmington... because I need to stuff a flamingo! That sentence sounds weird. My husband promised to buy me a Build-a-Bear flamingo when I reached 100 GFC followers and that happened earlier this week! Woohoo! Now I'll have a little mascot for the blog who can go with us on our adventures. Next week I'll let you vote on a name for him. ;)

Relating to GFC, I want to thank Jenn for being my 100th follower! You should all go visit her blog and say hi. I'm going to go across the street to the mall now to stuff my flamingo. Yes, we got a hotel room across the street from the mall. Aren't all of you as obsessive with your trip planning as I am?

Next stop, Wilmywood!


PS) Happy Birthday #2 ;)


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a great time! I am new to your blog!

    1. hey jennifer! thanks for stopping by! :) we are having a great time so far, but my husband is going to scold me for blogging while we're here! ;)