Saturday, September 15, 2012

Honeymoon (Part Five)

WAIT! Did you read 1/2/3/4 yet?


Day 6 of our honeymoon was our last full day at Disney World. *sad face* We planned to spend some major time in Epcot. We arrived slightly before lunch in Future World and got our Fastpasses for Soarin'. This attraction has been out for a couple of years now, but it's still so popular that all of the Fastpasses are distributed by lunchtime every day! We walked around The Land pavilion and then sat down to lunch in the cafeteria, where I got out my camera.

My camera wouldn't turn on.

Right there, in the middle of the happiest place on Earth, I nearly cried. I was sure it was broken. I had charged it the night before so something must be seriously wrong, right? I put my camera back in my bag and pulled out the good 'ol iPhone 4s to take snapshots for the rest of the day. :(

Soarin' was, indeed, very impressive. The regular line was over an hour long or else we would have definitely wanted to visit it again. We also explored Nemo's The Seas and then we...

sat through the most MISERABLE 14 minute long interactive film we've ever experienced: Captain EO. Directed by George Lucas and starring Michael Jackson, it had some promise. But man was it terrible. I'm not sure what made it so bad... the film quality? The weird animatronic creatures? Michael Jackson? The music? The "special effects?" This was apparently a quite popular attraction once upon a time at Disney World and they brought it back, no doubt, after MJ's death. I have never seen anything quite so terrible at Disney World and Brandon and I have frequently mentioned Captain EO since returning from the honeymoon:

"Hey, remember that time we saw Captain EO?" <burst into laughter>
"Well at least it's not as bad as Captain EO." <burst into laughter>
"Guess what! ..... Captain EO." <burst into laughter>

Honestly, I just have to look at my husband and say "Captain EO" and we will laugh for a very long time. He's asleep right now. I'm going to go wake him up and say "Captain EO" and see what response I get. Be right back...

And more than 24 hours later... I'm back! He laughed but was not amused that I woke him up just to remind him of the horrors of Captain EO. It's about time for a photo, isn't it?

One of the Disney Photopass photographers took this shot right after our shock of seeing Captain EO had worn off.

I did have my iPhone and was able to take some pics as we walked around the World Showcase:

Chocolate/caramel covered frozen grapes may look weird but they were so delicious, fyi.

I had planned a very, very special dinner at Bistro de Paris, reserving double the sit down dining credits, for our last night at Disney World. I researched the fanciest restaurants at the resort and Brandon and I picked this one because it was supposed to have delicious food in an intimate setting.

We showered and changed into our nice clothes before heading back to Epcot for our reservation. On the way, disaster struck.

It rained as hard, if not harder, than it did on our wedding day. Our plan had been to park at the Boardwalk and take a ferry to the World Showcase entrance to Epcot, which is right beside the French pavilion. I was wearing nice shoes and a white dress... not the best choice for a Florida storm. The ferry was stopped because of all the lightening, so we took refuge along the Boardwalk.

The pic above of Brandon? See how he's holding an umbrella? We were actually standing under a HUGE umbrella and he had to have his umbrella open because the rain was still coming in. It was awful. And it didn't stop until about 5 minutes before our dinner reservation. And the ferry refused to run. So we had to speed walk along the long path to Epcot. Indeed, I was very grumpy and had very poofy hair when we sat down to dine.

My thoughts on Bistro de Paris are that the food is delicious and the atmosphere is awesome if you are not seated uncomfortably close to a family with two young children who scream, cry, and draw with crayon on the tablecloth. Bistro de Paris advertises an adult-only dining room that has a strict dress code, but we found that they were lax on both of these policies. Boo.

Though the atmosphere wasn't what I was hoping for, the food was glorious. In fact, I ate the most delicious dish of my entire life:

It doesn't look that amazing in the photo, but this butternut squash soup with shrimp + chestnuts was incredible. And guys, this is a $15 bowl of soup. Yikes! I all but licked the bowl. I plan to spend my entire winter trying to replicate it.

And as for my camera? Turns out I hadn't charged it properly. Nice job, Hannah.



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