Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Great Success

I didn't have much time until I needed to be back at work. I would just swing by Target quickly to grab the cd, pick up lunch at Panera Bread, and be at the office asap.

They were sold out... at 11:30 am. WHAT? Frantically (yes, frantically) I called the closest Target to see if they were in stock. Yes, but they wouldn't hold one for me. Surely they'd be gone by the time I left work at 5 pm.

raced drove at a perfectly normal speed 5.2 miles to the other Target. A man in the parking lot was trying to pull into a parking space and repeatedly cut it too close. He was in my way, holding me up. Finally I parked and hopped out of the car. I tend to walk fast on a normal day, but I really sped it up as I went into the store.

A guy about my age was walking beside me on my way to electronics. I paused momentarily to check out a beach towel on clearance. When I looked up, my parking lot nemesis was also heading for electronics. I picked back up my brisk pace and passed them, as they quickened their steps.

I arrived at the cd endcap seconds before my competitors. Two other men (where were all the ladies?) were already standing there. I gracefully reached between them, grabbed the very last copy of the cd, spun on my heels, and marched off to the register.

I didn't even look back when I heard my parking lot nemesis start to say something. I bought my cd and unwrapped it as I walked to the car. Great success!


...And it is an amazing collection of songs. I'll probably be listening to The Carpenter on repeat from now until Christmas. Here's the guys performing the title track at the Americana Awards last year:


  1. So jealous. I'll be searching high and low until I find a copy. Love your blog though!