Monday, September 10, 2012

Good Music

So, when was the last time I did a "Music Monday" post? Oh, August 20th? And before that? ... My bad. This is a wonderful week for music in my life. On Friday morning I learned that one of my favorite bands, Sister Hazel, was going to be playing in my hometown on Saturday night.

I called up my best friend who jumped at the chance to go with me! We saw them together at the same venue in high school and I saw them a couple of times in undergrad, the last of which I attended while having the flu (what a trooper!). We had a good time at the show, although it was your typical crowded, hot & sweaty, surrounded by drunk people encounter. I was hoping they'd play my favorite Sister Hazel song and they did not disappoint! Indeed, Champagne High was their first encore.

It was a nice spur of the moment decision to see Sister Hazel and I'm so glad I did. These guys are great! In even bigger news, one of my all-time favorite bands has an album release tomorrow that I'm pretty ridiculously excited about. If my local Target doesn't have a copy for me first thing in the morning I'm going to cry.

On Thursday, Brandon and I are catching the first stop of NEEDTOBREATHE's The Reckoning tour. I've never seen them live before and I'm really excited! If my cd burner hadn't died (AGAIN) I would be listening to their latest album on my drives to/from work every day this week. *sigh* Here's the lastest NEEDTOBREATHE single:

And here's my very favorite song from the band:

 There you have it: The latest music news from Hannah. Enjoy your week! :)


  1. love music monday! also loved that you posted the avett brothers. such a great day for them <3

    1. i love love love love love love the avett brothers! when the last album came out i had found downloads of the songs beforehand, but this time i'm going to be totally surprised tomorrow when i buy it! :)