Sunday, August 19, 2012

How I Spent My Summer

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new school year for me... my TWENTIETH year as a student and also my last year as a student (unless I go for my MBA one day... we'll see). There's always something about going back to school that makes me excited. I think this excitement stems from buying massive amounts of new school supplies. Whatever it is, though, I'm usually always ready to hit the books once August rolls around.

This year, things are different. As you know, I'm now a student and a full-time employee! I've always had part-time jobs during school (as many as 3 at one time in undergrad!), but this will be different. A challenge. Lots of new things are starting for me tomorrow. So today, I'd like to look back on how I spent my summer. It was certainly a great one, starting with...


Our wedding was a week and a half after the end of spring semester and it was a pretty great amazing way to start the summer.

Of course I loved our honeymoon at Walt Disney World. Can we go back ASAP? Disney knows that I want to come back and they keep sending me special offers in the mail.

Right after we arrived home from our honeymoon my best friend graduated from law school!

June brought my 24th birthday, another Callaway wedding, and a post-wedding party for us!

Traveling to Atlanta to see Coldplay in concert was definitely a highlight of my summer.

Our overnight trip to Boone was much needed. We even visited 'The Rock!' I tried to convince Brandon to climb it, but he wasn't interested.

My summer ended with Market America's International Convention!

Of course I have left out of this post the many, many, many, many hours I spent working at Lowes Foods and in my little cube at Market America. These days with long hours were followed by many, many, many, many late nights and weekends where I was planted on the couch watching Gilmore Girls. :)

What is your favorite summer memory? 


  1. I love gilmore girls! looks like you had an amazing summer :)

    1. it was a pretty great summer, i must say! glad to know another gilmore lover. my best friend has never even watched it... but my husband likes it! ;)

  2. Ahh Disney!! I want to go back too!