Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Best Week Ever

Guess who has two thumbs and is having the best week ever?

THIS GIRL!Before i share my big news with you, let me get you up to speed on the great Callaway internet blackout of 2012:

We waited for five long days for our modem to be fixed by Time Warner Cable. It was not fun, though I must admit that I have been extremely productive without blogs to read and such. Our appointment was scheduled for this morning between 7 and 9 am. To our surprise, when the technician arrived he announced that our modem was absolutely fine and he went outside to investigate the box. He returned to tell us that someone in our building decided they wanted to steal our cable + internet, so they did!

Long story short, one of our neighbors walked outside, broke into the box with a crowbar, cut the identifier tags off of each line, and literally stole our cable + internet to use in their own apartment. Who does that? We suspect "the new guy" who moved in across the way from us the same day that our internet went out.

Anyway, now I'm back to my blog and ready to tell you the big news that I've been waiting to share for a WEEK! Last Tuesday at work, I received an email from Market America's Social Media Director, asking me to come see him. I knew I was in trouble. I've been working on social media for Motives all summer and I was pretty sure that I posted something he didn't approve of. Wrong.

I sat down in his office and walked out 15 minutes later with a FULL-TIME JOB OFFER. You heard me right. Was I in trouble? Not in the least. After much a little deliberation, I am excited to tell you that I AM MARKET AMERICA'S NEWEST SOCIAL MEDIA WRITER! I left my graduate teaching assistant position and will start my new job on August 20th, the same day that my fall graduate classes begin.

 (Geek photo: Hannah + her job offer letter)

They say that good things happen to good people, and there's a sign in my office here that says good things happen to people who work their asses off. I'd like to think that I'm an example of both. This is such an amazing and exciting opportunity. I am going to get paid to work for a company that I love, writing blogs and creating + implementing Facebook and Twitter campaigns all day long! I am a little sad that I will not return to teach this semester, but my heart is in the corporate world with marketing and social media. This is the best step for me. Starting August 20th, I'm a full-time working girl and a graduate student. Wish me luck! :)


  1. congratulations, and best of luck!! :)

  2. Congrats!! That's so awesome!!! :-)

  3. That's awesome, sounds like a super fun job, and it's great that you're able to do something you love! :) Newest follower here, can't wait to read more!