Friday, July 20, 2012

Things I Love: Stationary

I have a confession... I am  a stationary hoarder. I LOVE STATIONARY. Believe it or not, it started long before I worked at the Hallmark Store for nearly a year. I love cards, I love tiny cards (the kind too small to mail), I love notecards, I love large sheets of stationary, I love small sheets of stationary, I love recycled paper stationary, I love plain stationary, I love holiday cards and stationary... the list goes on and on. I love it ALL!

Thankfully, I also love to send snail mail... good for someone with a stationary addiction, right? I have so many different pieces of stationary now that I don't need to buy any more for at least a million years. But that doesn't stop me when I see something new and cute.

Here are the latest additions to my stationary collection:

These packs were just a little over a dollar a piece at Michaels. I get sucked into buying stationary every time I go to Michaels. It's just so pretty!

This addition to my collection was a wedding gift from my best friend. Grey AND chevron AND my new name. Did she hit the nail on the head or what?!

So you're probably wondering how massive this collection is, right? I was going to lay it all out on the bed and take a photo of it this morning before work. However, my husband was still in bed and I didn't think he'd like that much so I just snapped a photo of my tote, which holds most, not all of it.

Name an occasion and I bet you I have a piece of stationary that is appropriate. And if I don't, I have plenty of blank varieties that will do the trick.

So there you have it. I love stationary! And now I'm in the mood to write lots of snail mail. :) What do you love to collect?


  1. I'm a stationary hoarder, too! I've got tons from Michaels, but I also love the $1 stuff at Target when you first walk in the store. Snail mail is the best!
    If you really like to write letters, you should read the book "For the Love of Letters" by Samara O'Shea. Fascinating read and will just help solidify your love of stationary and snail mail - I promise! :)
    I also like to collect hobnail milk glass and picture frames. *swoon*

    1. ohh i love the stuff at target as well! they had a lot of dr. seuss stuff at target recently and i had to force myself not to buy anything! thanks for the book recommendation... i'll have to check it out! what do you do with the picture frames you collect? are they already on your wall or are you saving them for a bigger project?

  2. Visiting from A Content Housewife - love this post! I've recently started hoarding thank you notes for my wedding next June, and I can definitely see myself continuing to buy them. New follower!

    1. allyson! thanks for visiting and congratulations on your summer 2013 wedding! are you just purchasing all kinds of different designs or only things in your wedding color scheme? i made my wedding thank you notes and for notes that i had a LOT to write i used the chevron cards above. :) thanks for following!