Sunday, July 1, 2012

Honeymoon (Part Two)

Did you read part one first?


For our Saturday at Disney World, I decided we should visit Animal Kingdom. It's the least heavily trafficked park at Disney World, so I thought it would be a safe bet for a busy weekend visit. I am least familiar with the Animal Kingdom and Brandon, of course, wasn't familiar at all, so it was quite an adventure!

We started our morning with a ride on Expedition Everest. Brandon was skeptical about the height (especially after tackling Tower of Terror the day before), but we rode it and it was fun. It seemed not to last very long, though.

I'll add here that the Finding Nemo musical was a highlight of the day (and of the trip!). We both really enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Animal Kingdom. No photo for you, though.

We also saw A Bug's Life in 3D. Brandon snapped this ravishing photo of me before we entered the theater.

I paid Disney World $10 for the rights to this photo, but it's ok because it is so cute! We met Eeyore and decided to share our "gloomy day" faces. Why did I give Disney World $10? Read about the photo pass program here. I believe it a very good value if you make use of the disney photographers, and especially if you're traveling with kids.

Lunch this day was at the Rainforest Cafe. I'll be honest, my favorite part of this pic is my cute yellow purse: it was perfect to carry around the parks!

Of COURSE I took a photo of the flamingos! Did you know that they are born grey and turn pink over time?

After we were finished at Animal Kingdom, we went back to the resort to decide what to do with the rest of our day/evening. We decided to do some resort hopping. What is resort hopping, you ask? Well, Disney has over 30 resorts on property. I've personally stayed at 5 of them. We decided to dine at my favorite resort before exploring some others.

I love Port Orleans French Quarter because it is small, quiet, and gorgeous! I stayed here with my family when I was 12 years old and have never forgotten it. We ate a quick dinner in the food court and walked around the grounds for a bit.

After leaving Port Orleans, we went straight to the Polynesian. This is our dream resort. If we had unlimited vacation funds we would stay here. It is amazing, and right on the monorail near the Magic Kingdom! 

They were giving out leis at the concierge desk, so Brandon snapped some up for us!

The monorail is free to ride for Disney resort guests (technically for anyone... no id required), so we hopped aboard and jumped off at the next stop: the Grand Floridian. This resort is widely recognized as the fanciest, most glamorous accommodations at Disney World... and. it. is.

Back on the monorail, we passed through the Magic Kingdom stop and hopped off again at The Contemporary, the first Disney resort. The monorail actually goes straight through the hotel! We walked around here for a long time and Brandon found a big screen version of Fruit Ninja to play in the arcade.

I was able to capture one last photo before my camera battery died:

Do you see the little duckies swimming around? They had the pool all to themselves! :)

We made it back around to the Polynesian just before the Magic Kingdom fireworks were starting. We ran out to the beach and sat down in the sand and had a perfect viewing spot, sans the large crowd!

I am so glad that we had the opportunity to visit some of the other resorts on property. It was a lot of fun walking around and admiring each one! If you're visiting Disney World, keep in mind that anyone can visit a Disney resort at any time. If you're a Disney guest, you just show your room key to get in the parking lot. If you're not a Disney guest, you'll need to show a regular id.



  1. I love Animal's a note for future Disney NOT go around Christmas and New Years unless you like huge crowds! Even AK is swamped during that time frame!

    Finding Nemo the musical was my favorite part of AK too, next to Expedition Everest that is. ;) Jamie and I will have to go resort hopping on our next trip, there's alot of resorts I'd like to visit but can't afford. lol

    1. good tip, shannon! i personally think that the week after thanksgiving is the best time to go. it's statistically the least busy week of the entire year and the christmas decorations are already up! :)

      we saw so many awesome resorts on this trip... the only one left that i REALLY want to see is the wilderness lodge. we'll "hop" over there next time!

  2. Oh my gosh I'm dying to stay at the wilderness lodge! we'll have to keep the week after thanksgiving in mind! :)

  3. i love the Polynesian! I live in Orlando and I have a Disney pass, so when need to cool down, we jump on a monorail and walk around that hotel for fun. Hoping to stay there some time! So fun. Glad you enjoyed yourself :)