Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yet another good week here in North Carolina. But what week couldn't be good when it starts with jewelry!?

I recently read on one of my favorite blogs that you can get a replica of the famous J.Crew bubble necklace via eBay for only $15! At a 90% discount, I couldn't pass it up. I ordered it a while ago, but it took a long time to travel from China to Greensboro!

On Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to grab dinner and shop a bit with two wonderful friends: Dianna and Shannon. Can you guess where we ate based on the photo above? Texas Roadhouse is so yummy! :)

This week was the start of our summer social media contest at work. Each intern was assigned a different product line to promote via Facebook, Twitter, etc. We drew randomly and I selected Motives! Motives is Market America's cosmetics line and I love it! I am thrilled with my product line!


If you feel so inclined, go ahead and check out Motives on Facebook and on Twitter. Oh, and on Instagram. Though a good marketer can promote anything whether they like it or not, I must say that I really do like the Motives line. I've already purchased several products, my favorite of which is the eye base.

The big news of the week is that my brother-in-law got married! I now have a sister-in-law and a nephew! I was obsessed with the beautiful stained glass in the church. But who wants to see stained glass?

This photo was snapped during the bride and groom's first dance... not by me, of course. I was standing beside Brandon watching him tear up (no joke).


On that beautiful note, I think I'll end this post. I've been writing it for over two hours because I've been trying to watch Gilmore Girls at the same time. Hope you all had lovely weeks! 


  1. Texas Roadhouse and shopping were so much fun...I've GOT to go back to Texas Roadhouse soon and actually try a meal (although Dianna's was quite tasty! lol). And barns are great for receptions!! :-)

  2. I love your jewelry, so cute! The bubble necklace is everywhere! And ahh North Carolina is my dream location!