Sunday, June 3, 2012


I had a great week. Let me warn you: it mostly revolved around food. And let's be honest, a lot of my weeks mostly revolve around food. Sigh. It was the second week of my new summer job and I love it, absolutely love it. If there was any question before about whether or not I was meant to be in the corporate world someday, here's your answer: yes.

I used the 15% off card that Anthropologie sent me for my birthday to find a cute little bowl to keep my wedding rings in while I sleep at night. At $2.50, I'm positive it was the cheapest thing in the whole store.

I also wanted these kaleidobug melamine plates, but Brandon and I decided they might be a bit strange for the kitchen:

On friday night, I enjoyed a date night to myself while Brandon was working. I don't know about you, but I really enjoy spending time alone. Not that I don't like seeing my husband, friends, and family, but I also like being out on my own. I traveled to San Francisco alone a few years ago and had the time of my life flying alone, renting movies in my own fancy hotel room alone, eating out alone, and sightseeing alone...

Anyway, back to my date. I went to K&W Cafeteria. Everybody gives me a hard time for liking K&W so much, but I don't care. Their mashed potatoes are delicious and that's all you need to know. I had a friend in high school who called it "Kanes and Walkers," due to the high volume of elderly customers. Psssh. I did not see a single cane or walker while I was there. That's not true. I saw one. But only one! 

Today, some sweet ladies at the Callaway's church threw a wedding shower for us and for Brandon's brother and his fiance who are set to be married on June 16th. It was so thoughtful of them and I especially appreciated it because we were not given any showers before our wedding. It was amazing to meet so many people who care about us that I didn't even know!

Brandon and i went to Red Robin for dinner to take advantage of my free birthday burger (or, in my case, my favorite item: the bruschetta chicken sandwich). And then I got free birthday ice cream at Coldstone.

Seriously, you should sign up for the Red Robin rewards program. My sandwich had a menu price of $10.49 and it was mine for free!

That's all for tonight. I am waking up at 7 am to go to the DMV as soon as it opens to get a new license with my married name on it!


  1. I have an Anthropologie mini tea pot dish thing that I bought for my rings but ended up putting bobby pins in it. Love that store.

    1. they have so many good options for rings (or bobby pins, hehe)! i also really liked a little dish i saw with a bunny rabbit in the middle. you put your rings on the rabbit's ears!