Friday, June 1, 2012

Things I Love: Birthdays

LOVE birthdays. Love love love them.

I love the cakes:

I love the cake pops:

I love the parties:

Check out this party for a sweet 3 year old.

I love the balloons:

I love the gifts:

I could continue, but just look at my Pinterest boards to see more of all the birthday things I love. Whether for me or for someone else, I just really love celebrating birthdays. Life is rough sometimes. There are lots of great days, but there are lots of unpleasant ones to offset them. Why not, for ONE day, make a big deal about how awesome somebody's life is? Birthdays are the way to celebrate.

My birthday is in a little over a week. Because I love to celebrate birthdays so much, I've registered as a member of DO YOU EVEN KNOW how much free stuff you can get on your birthday from all different sorts of retailers? So far, I've received a 15% off coupon at Anthropologie, a $10 gift card from Victoria's Secret, and a free biscuit from Bojangles. I'll be posting a complete list of my freebies after my birthday. 

Do you have a birthday coming up soon? Is someone that you love turning another year older? How do you plan to celebrate?

PS) If you need more evidence that I really love birthdays, consider this: In 2009, I threw my pet hamster, Cougar Waffle, a birthday party... complete with "cage confetti," a hamster appropriate birthday cake, and party hats for the humans (digital party hat for Cougar Waffle).


  1. Cute! and I love birthdays and awesomely themed parties!