Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Rainy Wedding Day: The Groom

A series of wedding posts wouldn't be complete without a little love for the groom! So, allow me to brag on my husband for a bit.

I really love the shots taken of him before the ceremony. hH looks so handsome in his grey suit! He told me long ago that he wanted to wear Chuck Taylors to his wedding and I was totally on board with the idea. So check out his feet!

This is my personal favorite! He had to take his glasses off for some of the shots because they kept getting rain drops on them!


  1. These pictures are too clever! Love them.

    xo Shane

    1. thank you, shane! in the first photo, brandon was just playing around and waiting for the photographer to tell him what to do. i love them too! i also checked out your blog... i love your leap list. i would like to make something similar. i REALLY want to go to australia, too!