Monday, June 11, 2012

A Rainy Wedding Day: Details

Everybody seems interested in wedding details. When I attend a wedding, the most common question asked of me is "what did the dress look like?" I've already talked about my dress, though. Moving on to the next most common questions:
  • What did they give as favors?
  • Was the cake any good?
  • What kind of flowers were in the bouquet?
  • Were the bridesmaids dresses ugly? (Thankfully, this doesn't apply to my wedding!)
  • Was the reception pretty?
  • How was the food?
...and so on and so forth. You get the idea! Our wedding was small, but it still had plenty of unique details that I think made it quite memorable!

This timeline of our relationship was handed out to guests instead of a ceremony program. Good thing, because the ceremony only lasted about 6 minutes!

We chose popcorn as a favor for our guests. I picked out 20 different flavors from The Popcorn Fanatic: everything from "beer" to "spicy crab dip!" I found an old Pepsi crate in the basement and thought it would be great to hold the favors.

My mother won the argument about whether or not I was going to make my own bouquet for the wedding.

We ended up having Rae's Flower Shoppe arrange my bouquet, flowers for the chapel, and Brandon's boutonnière and they were beautiful!

Remember the chalkboard that I made? Here it is in all of its rain-splattered glory. :) We're planning to go on a cruise for our one-year anniversary. I can't wait to hold the same chalkboard with "one" written on it as we stand over the caribbean sea!

I designed the menus for dinner at Milner's. The food was delicious, as always. My favorite thing on their menu? The cheese dip trio:

I seriously could have eaten this appetizer alone: no entrée necessary! (I did, however, eat an entrée and it was delicious. Brides who don't eat on their wedding day are crazy!)

And my favorite detail of the day: umbrellas!

In completely related news, I'm blogging once again at Romance in a Glance today! Read my post for more rainy wedding day info.


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