Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Perfect Little Dresser

When I first moved to Greensboro, I posted about the paint and the furniture and the numerous Ikea finds that inhabit my little apartment. Now, nearly a year later, things have changed a bit. A second person lives here and we've acquired a lot more stuff!

When brandon moved in he (obviously) brought his wardrobe with him. Now, I'm in the habit of leaving my off-season clothes at my parents' house and I change them out twice a year (ie: right now all of my winter clothes and coats are in my bedroom at their house). This was a foreign idea to Brandon because his clothes are "year round" aka he doesn't have enough clothes to split his wardrobe seasonally. Am I crazy here or are there other people like me out there? Anyway...

When he moved in, I knew we needed more room for clothes. I had a small Ikea dresser in the closet but my clothes were already spilling out of it and his hadn't even arrived yet! I decided to turn over the small dresser to him and bring the larger one from my parents' house for my clothes. My dad took some time to repaint it and spruced it up for me (thanks, Dad!) and it arrived in Greensboro the week before our wedding.

It is situated on the wall across from our bed and I love it dearly, not just because it contains half of my wardrobe! If I'm being honest, it doesn't even contain half. My clothes also take over about 90% of the hanging space in the closet. I didn't want the top of the dresser to become a landing space for junk that tends to accumulate around here. I figured if I decorated it I would have to keep it tidy. So that's what I did...

1. These candlesticks actually don't belong here but since they were there when I took the photo I decided to include them. They're meant for the dining room table. I think Brandon found them at Lowes Foods when he was shopping to make me dinner on Valentine's Day. aww.

2. Framed photo #1 came from Michaels, where it was 40% off (their frames always seem to be on sale). It's difficult to see because of the glare, but in this frame is a photo of us holding the chalkboard on our wedding day. It will be upgraded every year as we reach a new anniversary. Aww again.

3. This etc. jar was on clearance at Target. I had to have it in case stuff does randomly start accumulating on the dresser. I can hide it in the jar!

4. My favorite thing on our dresser is this vase (of sorts) that came from tuesday morning. I love the individual test tubes to hold the stems. There are real flowers in it now but I'll probably switch to fake once these die.

5. The best deal on the dresser is this serving tin from Target... meant for outdoor dining, I think. It was originally priced around $25 but only cost me $8.

6. Framed photo #2 was another Target clearance find. The color of the frame matches our walls almost perfectly! I thought it was a unique shape and who doesn't want another photo of themselves to look at? haha.

7. And last but not least, a candle... one that actually belongs. Here's a nifty story: I've had this particular candle since 2008. It came from Big Lots and has traveled with me through three different apartments. And it's still going! I don't burn candles in the bedroom very often.

... So, that's my perfect little dresser. I'm quite proud. Oh, and if you gave us a Target gift card for a wedding gift then thanks for 3, 5, and 6. :)


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