Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Sunday was Father's Day. I thought I'd let all the hype die down before I mentioned it here on the blog. I love Father's Day because it celebrates two of my favorite people on the planet:


My dad is amazing because he is the sole provider for my mother and brother (and me sometimes, until recently). He works hard at his job and at home to take care of all of his responsibilities and even some responsibilities that aren't his.


Granddaddy is my mom's dad. He is by far the coolest 89 year old you'll ever meet. He (still) works as a licensed optician three days a week. He can play almost any instrument and still teaches some youngsters who want to learn. On my wedding day he had a blast and made tons of inappropriate jokes that kept everyone laughing.

These two guys celebrate birthdays in December (60 and 90!) and I can't wait to celebrate them again at the end of the year. I'll also mention here that there are lots of dads that I love, not just these two! My husband, for one, does not get to celebrate Father's Day with his daughter but he's still a father just the same. And I have a new father-in-law who's pretty great, too! And my new brother-in-law Josh is a father! My dad's dad is 94 and though we have never been super close, he's still a father worth celebrating. :) Thank you, dads, for all that you do for me and for the people that I love.


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