Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Week(end) is my idea to recap my weeks. I had this idea months ago and as you can see, this is the first time I've actually gotten around to posting it. We'll see how often it continues to pop up.

Last week, I started my summer internship at Market America. I'm in the product management department and already have lots of fun projects to work on. Interns are given our own cubicles, which desperately need sprucing. I brought a few items from home but still need to add some more.

1. Dogwood flowers in a mason jar
2. Pic of my hubby
3. Little birdie clips (to hold business cards, photos, post its, etc)
4. Cute post its (in this case... tiny pink & blue bicycle post its from Target)
5. Ok, this one is hidden on the other side of the cubicle... a CANDY JAR to attract visitors :)

I didn't have to work on Friday and yesterday was a holiday, so I enjoyed a FOUR day weekend. Can't complain about that! I spent a lot of time working on this 'lil blog! I am excited to say that I am now sponsoring Through the Eyes of the Mrs., Adventures of Newlyweds, Wake Up, Lovely, and Elise's Pieces for the month of June.

(My ad, as featured on Through the Eyes of the Mrs.)

I also visited the local animal shelter on two separate occasions. I totally have puppy AND kitty fever again. They are all so cute! On my second trip, someone asked me if I was a volunteer. I must look pretty legit.

The dog in the last 3 photos was my favorite... an almost 3 year old pomeranian mix who was always happy and had her tongue sticking out. I hope that somebody sweet adopts her soon.

The long weekend also called for a trip to the pool and heat-appropriate snacks. A slushy from the gas station down the road sufficed. I mixed peachy berry and lemonade flavors.

I was also intrigued by the Lilly Pulitzer special edition animal crackers I found. I'll be honest... I bought them just so I could use them in this pic. I'm not a fan of animal crackers, but Brandon is! (I think!) I should surprise him and slip them into his lunchbox. His co-workers would have plenty of jokes to make, I'm sure.

I do love to dine out and this weekend was no exception. Brandon and I ate delicious wings at East Coast Wings on Sunday night and Jennifer and I dined at Poblano's yesterday.

Last, but not least, we saw What to Expect When You're Expecting on Saturday night. Let me tell you, folks, it was hilarious. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard in a movie theater! Whether or not you're expecting and whether or not you plan to have children, I consider this movie a must see. 

Anything exciting happen in your life last week?


  1. Ok I LOVED this blog!! I have a pomeranian named Precious, she was a rescue...they are the sweetest dogs ever!! And I totally bought a box of the Lily Pulitzer animal crackers yesterday! We shared them on the drive home, and I ate the last 4 this morning. Also gotta love some ECW!! :)

    1. this dog was so sweet. i am sure she was adopted soon after i saw her. :) east coast wings is the best! we loved their coney island flavor. have you had it?