Friday, May 25, 2012

Things I Love: Target

When I moved from Boone (population: 17,000) to Greensboro (population: 270,000), I was most excited about living in a town with a TARGET. Greensboro actually has three Target stores and one of them is about a mile away from our apartment. I could walk there if I was really crazy!

In my eyes, Target is to Wal-Mart as Gap is to Old Navy. Like my comparison? Target is the big brother, the fancier version of Wal-Mart. I'll go to either store for certain items (home improvement products, groceries), but Target has the best clothes + accessories, hands down. I've been in the store several times this week and I want to buy everything I see. Luckily for Brandon, I haven't gone on a shopping spree. Here's what I love/want/need someone else to buy me:

Merona pink large satchel ($29.99)
*I also want this in navy blue

Mossimo juniors' racerback dress ($18.00)
*I totally thought that was a swimsuit coverup
**my bad

Mossimo coral band straw fedora ($12.99)

The Webster at Target nautical print cap toe flat ($39.99)
*The Webster's logo is a flamingo. Perfect!

Mossimo color block skirt ($19.99, on clearance for $13.99 in-store)
*Where was this pre-wedding? It's my colors!

Mossimo ebony print skirt with belt ($22.99)

These are just a very small sampling of everything I am obsessed with purchasing from Target. I didn't even dip my toe into the pool of home decor: bedding, throw pillows, picture frames, and other things that I love. Oh my!

{Here, I will point out that my birthday is in exactly two weeks and one day... just sayin'.}

Now that I have all of that out of my system, here's the real reason I wanted to write this post in the beginning: the Target Dollar Stop! It's not actually called the dollar stop anymore because Target was sneaky and started pricing their bargain items up to $2.50. Boo. Anyway, Target is very clever to position their bargain section as soon as you step in the doors. I can't get enough!

Do you love Target, too?