Monday, May 7, 2012

shake it out, shake it out

i'm a pretty big fan of glee. are you? i'm not a 'gleek' by any means, but i do enjoy tuning in each week to see what songs they're going to cover. love them or hate them, most of the cast can sing! remember when they covered 'we are young' months before it got popular? i certainly like some song choices better than others. there have been some awesome covers this season and this is my latest favorite. it made me tear up a bit. so beautiful.

SHAKE IT OUT (florence + the machine cover)

what's your favorite glee performance? i also really loved darren criss singing young the giant's cough syrup on the mid-season finale. he's my current celebrity crush (sorry, adam young, we had a good run).


  1. Katharine McPhee covered the song beautifully in an episode of "Smash."

    1. i'll have to look up her version. i'm obsessed! i've never heard of "smash," but after a quick look at the cast i'm going to have to watch it on hulu this summer! is it good?