Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Rainy Wedding Day: Goodbye, Cell Phone

Happy Thursday! It was a dreary, rainy morning in Greensboro today, which reminds me very much of the morning of our wedding. We received a photo cd in the mail from our photographer yesterday and I am so happy with how everything turned out! Look for "a rainy wedding day" feature posts continuing this weekend. I'll also be blogging for Romance in a Glance readers again very soon.

For now, I'll leave you with another sneak peek and a funny story:

It was dark and overcast all morning on May 9th. We had already made the decision to move our wedding ceremony inside, to a little chapel at Home Moravian Church. By the time my mom and I left the hair salon around 2 pm, it was pouring torrential rain. I had a short drive to Old Salem, where we planned to get ready at my dad's office. The rain was coming down so hard that I could barely see to drive.

When I was finally able to park by the curb outside my dad's office, I faced quite a dilemma. I obviously needed to hold my umbrella (to protect that wedding up-do, you know!). But I also needed to carry in my dress, my mom's dress, my rain boots, my tote bag, my chalkboard, and my purse. I thought I'd be smart and carry it all at once so that I wouldn't have to make a second trip outside in the storm. Bad idea.

I took my cell phone out of the cup holder and stuck it in the top of my tote (which does not zip). I grabbed my umbrella and and did that awkward thing where you try to open your umbrella at the same time you open your car door. As I bent over to get out of the car, out goes my cell phone right into the stream of water flowing down the sidewalk. I think I may have yelled something that is entirely inappropriate for a pretty bride to say. I once again jumped out of the car and began running down the sidewalk, trying to catch my phone as it floated ahead of me. [Remember, at this point it isn't just raining. It is pouring sheets of rain and it is also blowing sideways.] I finally stopped it, scooped it up, and ran inside, leaving everything else in the car.

Dead as a doornail. I had to use my mom's ancient flip phone to call Brandon and tell him what was going on.

Of everything that stresses brides out on their wedding day, killing my cell phone was my #1 issue. This is really surprising, considering that I ripped my wedding dress moments after the above photo was taken. But that's a story for another post. :)

Helloooooo iPhone 4S.

Now, Siri and I are becoming good buddies, thanks to a little wedding day mishap. More stories to come soon!


  1. oh the rainboots! I adore them. And I can't wait to hear the next story ... something similar happened to my dress as well. I told myself it was "good luck". eh, you can't win em all.

    1. thanks! the rainboots are from when liberty london did a collection for target.

  2. Oh my gosh, this sounds so much like something that would happen to me. Plus, I'm a total clutz so I wouldn't even need the contributing factors, like carrying a bunch of stuff and pouring rain. Sounds like you were a great sport about it though! I'm not sure if I could've kept my cool. (I'm getting married in a month so let's hope, if something does happen, I can!).

    I'm a fairly new iPhone owner too and I LOVE it! Have fun!

    1. oooh, married in a month! i wish for you that it does not rain on your wedding day! though, if it rains, you have a nice excuse to wear cute rain boots. :)

      i'm not sure how i feel about the iphone so far. i miss my google navigation! but it's definitely an impressive piece of technology. plus, it has a great camera!