Friday, May 4, 2012

DIY: chalkboard

i've been experiencing some serious problems with chalkboards, mostly because i can't find one. ANYWHERE. nobody sells real slate chalkboards anymore! coming from a family that loves antiques so much, you'd think we would have one stashed away somewhere. nope! not a one to be found!

i conceded and decided to order one from etsy. actually, i thought i was getting a real slate chalkboard, but i was wrong. it was flimsy, almost cardboard-like material and the frame was broken. regular chalk wouldn't write on it and a chalk pen wouldn't erase. 

so i conceded, again, and decided to try my hand at making a chalkboard on my own. why do i want a chalkboard so desperately, you may ask? i have this brilliant idea to take a photo of brandon and myself each year on our anniversary holding said chalkboard. on our wedding day, it will say "i do." on our one year anniversary it will say "one" and so on and so forth. get it?

so, i set out to michaels in search of supplies i had seen on a chalkboard tutorial. you'll need: a board (i chose a slice of wood for a rustic feel)... really any shape/size wood will do. many other types of board would work as well. you'll also need a can of chalkboard spray paint (it comes in black or green) and a roll of painter's tape. oh, and chalk (duh!).

dust off the board and line the edges with small strips of painter's tape. lay it flat on a surface that can be spray painted.

follow directions on the can and spray board with an even coat. allow to dry for one hour, then spray a second coat.

allow the board to dry for 24 hours so that the paint has time to set. rub it down with a piece of chalk to prepare the board for writing.

remove the tape, wipe off the board, and you're ready to go! i couldn't be more pleased with the results. what will you use your handmade chalkboard for?


  1. love this. did you pin this? are you on pinterest? ... i think i'll just have to go ahead and pin this. :)

    1. pin away! i LOVE pinterest! my account is linked through the button right above my photo on the top right.