Saturday, April 7, 2012

things i love: milner's

as part of my new blogging schedule, i want to post on fridays (note, today is saturday. i'm not off to a great start!) about things i love. this week, the choice is CLEAR:


at the beginning of the week, i called to check in with the restaurant that was hosting my wedding reception. i hadn't received a menu in the mail as was promised and i wanted to make sure that everything was ok. when i spoke to the manager on the phone, i was told that renovations would keep the restaurant from opening in time for our reception.

while i understand that renovations are a pain for everyone and they often take longer than expected, my real shock was over the fact that nobody called to notify me! i just happened to call and find out on my own, a few weeks before my wedding. yikes! mix that with a very unapologetic manager and i was "not a happy camper," as my mom would say.

enter milner's. brandon and i dined at milner's last fall. we loved everything about our experience there: the restaurant was gorgeous, the service was top notch, the food was delicious, and we even happened to go on half price wine night (bonus!). they have a private dining room and i had even considered them when i made my initial list of reception venues. i chose the other venue mostly because it was within walking distance of the ceremony.

on tuesday morning i called milner's and spoke with the manager, lauren. i explained my precarious situation and she could not have been more gracious and helpful. within an hour, we'd made the decision to book milner's for our reception. what a relief!

my parents have never been to milner's, so my mom and i decided to drop by for lunch yesterday. the lunch menu was just as impressive as the dinner menu! we chatted with lauren for a bit and found out that even the small things we were worried about would be completely taken care of at milner's. i liked milner's before this week but now it's safe to say that i really, really love it. i'm looking forward to our wedding reception and also to many return trips on our anniversary.

{my cute mom, testing out the cheese dips}

if you're around winston-salem, i highly recommend grabbing a bite to eat here. milner's is located on stratford road and they serve brunch, lunch, and dinner. when you're picking out a side item, mom recommends the mac & cheese. i recommend the green apple blue slaw. my favorite menu item, however, is the appetizer trio of cheese dips. 

have you dined at milner's before? did you like it? what's your favorite place for fine dining?


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