Monday, April 16, 2012

music from one tree hill

one of my favorite television shows ended week before last, after 9 (really 8.5) long seasons. one tree hill first aired when i was in high school and it followed me all the way through undergrad and into grad school. the story lines were kind of crazy at times, but for the most part it was such a wonderful, heartfelt show... especially in the last couple of seasons.

one thing that made me tune in each week was the soundtrack that was carefully selected to match the feel & tone of the show. one tree hill had great music! over the years, one tree hill had many, many bands play live on the show at the local club, tric. some famous musicians (pete wentz, tyler hilton, kate voegele, etc.) were even incorporated into the story line outside of their musical performances.

here are a few of my favorite tunes from the show.

1. "i don't wanna be" gavin degraw | this is the theme song for one tree hill
2. "the funeral" band of horses
3. "the mixed tape" jack's mannequin | thank you, one tree hill, for introducing me to one of my favorite bands
4. "you dance" eastmountainsouth
5. "gonna make you mine" olin and the moon | this band tweeted me after i mentioned hearing this song on the show!
6. "hear you me" jimmy eat world
7. "when the stars go blue" tyler hilton + bethany joy lenz | bethany plays haley on the show. these two (and many others) went on tour for one tree hill one summer
8. "fake empire" the national
9."return to me" matthew ryan
10. "world spins madly on" the weepies
11. "timshel" mumford & sons | thank you, one tree hill, for introducing me to another one of my favorite bands
12. "always love" nada surf
13. "i and love and you" the avett brothers | i was so proud of my boys when they debuted on one tree hill
14. "your love is a song" switchfoot | this is one of my favorite songs of all time
15. "half moon" blind pilot | my favorite song from the series finale

do you know other tv shows with good music? what are your favorites? next week, i'll post about music from the oc!


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