Monday, April 23, 2012

music from the oc

i posted last week about music from one tree hill. this week, i'm switching gears to cover the oc. i'm not sure how this idea never occurred to me before. the oc was my absolute favorite show for many years and it was a huge influence on the genre of music i still love today.

much like one tree hill, the oc incorporated a music venue where the characters on the show often went to see bands play. death cab for cutie, rooney, and the killers are just a couple of the bands that were featured live on the show.

i love so many songs from this show that i literally had to cut my list by more than half for the final 15 songs i chose for this post. i've seen each episode so many times that i can still clearly see exactly what happened on screen while each song was playing. oh, how i miss the oc.

here are my absolute favorite tracks from the oc:

1. "california" phantom planet | this is the theme song for the oc
2. "orange sky" alexi murdoch
3. "salvation" black rebel motorcycle club
4. "kreuzberg" bloc party
5. "fix you" coldplay | this song premiered on the oc during the season 2 finale. i can't get enough coldplay!
6. "we used to be friends" the dandy warhols
7. "insomnia" electric president | possibly my favorite song from the entire series
8. "champagne supernova" matt pond pa
9. "hide and seek" | there really aren't words to describe how great this song is
10. "the world at large" modest mouse
11. "worn me down" rachael yamagata
12. "wonderwall" ryan adams | a beautiful, haunting version of the oasis original
13. "go sadness" shout out louds
14. "paint the silence" south
15. "life's a song" patrick park | the last song ever played on the oc!


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